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Home Decor And More On Mainstreet is a furniture company known for our use of reclaimed wood on our various product offerings. We have a wide variety of furniture styles, which is why we are the top choice of many different people. Choose from our products and services, including reclaimed furniture, home decoration, and furniture consignment.

One of our main service offerings is reclaimed furniture. From old boards and planks, we were able to come up with great designs and sturdy furniture. They may be from a 100-year-old barn or the previously grimy floors of a local tavern. But do not let old age deter you. Choose the right furniture for your homes by trusting only a home decorator like us.

When you consider Home Decor And More On Mainstreet as your go-to furniture store, we will make sure that you get the products that you deserve. We provide a variety of entertainment options, as well as alterations. Do not think twice about going to us for all your furniture needs. And as reclaimed furniture comes and goes, we guarantee that ours will last you forever.

Choose us, and get reliable home furniture service for your home. Additionally, get 15% off anything in the store with our latest promo. Explore your options and other design ideas by going through our catalog of finished products. You can also reach us through Facebook, or see our other pages for various promos and raffles.

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